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Big Walleye 002.jpg (126235 bytes)

9 lbs 10.5oz
Caught on May 26th

walleye 002.JPG (59111 bytes)

Steve Stroud and David Shaw with two limits of walleye June 3,2013

Photo031.jpg (215313 bytes)

Bob Kitterman with a couple of 14 1/2 inch crappie caught on Lake Fork Tx. GUIDE: Gary Burton 10-23-14

Smithville Lake Fishing Report 
August 19, 2015

HOURS:  Mon. to Thur. 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Friday  7:00am to  7:30pm

  Saturday 6:30 am to 7:30 pm

Sundays  6:30am to 6:00 pm

If you have a HUMMINGBIRD or LOWRANCE graph I have an SD card with 101 way points of brush piles at Smithville Lake that I will let you down load into your graph.  Have  down loaded another 35 piles from the crows creek area last years stuff.  

Results of the 2nd Annual Buddy Big Big Bass Bash (7-11)

$1,000 - Todd Knaack & Greg Proffitt  5.71 lbs

$300 - Brock & Rick Rienkmeyer  5.22 lbs

$125 - Terry Summers & Dylan Sousley  4.87 lbs

$100 Smithville Marine "Bonus Bucks"  Rick Wilson & Gary Burton 4.83 lbs 

Hourly winners:

1st weigh-in:  $100 Brock & Rick Reinkemeyer 5.22 lbs - $50 Jim &  Andrew McKown 3.90 lbs

2nd weigh-in:  $100 Jim & Andrew McKown 4.44 lbs - $50 Travis Day & Tim Stout 2.90 lbs

3rd weigh-in:  $100 Todd Knaack & Greg Proffitt 5.71 lbs - $50 Rick Wilson & Gary Burton 3.54 lbs

4th weigh-in:  $100 Terry Summers & Dylan Sousley 4.87 lbs - $50 Rick Wilson & Gary Burton 4.83 lbs


 Lake Level: 864.8  (7" high) - ( Normal pool  864.2 )  They have been letting water out most of last week and have shut the outflow back to 8 cfs.

Since Smithville Lake is now infested with zebra mussels please follow the procedures for decontaminating your boat before taking it to another lake.  The web site below will give you the recommended procedure. 

http://mdc.mo.gov/landwater-care/invasive-species/invasive-animal-management/zebra-mussel-control   I

Water temp:  82 degrees and fairly clear lake wide.   More clear on the Campbranch side.

Fishing is remaining fairly good overall.    Large schools of shad are showing up all over the lake.   Lots of food for the fish is a good thing for all species.

Crappie: Good:   Had two guide trips this week and caught limits of fish both times.  The size is not great so in a 15 fish limit you might have 2 or 3 fish in the 11 " plus or minus with the rest in the 9" to 9 1/2" range.    I can catch fish on the jig but not as easily as on the minnows.    We fished main lake brush piles in 14' to 18' of water.   Most of the fish were caught within sight of the dam.  Our new brush piles on Campbranch arm of the lake are producing fish. also.  The second W-hwy bridge at the mouths of Owl and Eberts creeks has brush around all the pillars.  The size of fish was not as good there but there were lots of fish to catch.  Minnows seem to work a little better in the warmer water than jigs.  1/16 oz road runner head with a  purple and chartreuse body (my favorite) caught fish again. 

Bass:  Good:    Bass fishing with a crankbait the last couple of weeks I have noticed 10 to 15 small black bass 2" to 3" following my crankbait to the boat and have heard the same from other fisherman.   The flood has really helped this year class of fish.  The last few weeks of fishing in the flooded stuff has been a lot of fun but is soon to be over.  With the water running so hard and the water level moving out of the willows and other flooded vegetation the guys are starting to fish the points a bit more.   Carolina rigs and crankbaits are both working.  A bit of top water early and late.

CATFISH:   GOOD:  The catfish are biting good right now.  Lots of channels being caught off of the docks at both marinas.     Some nice flat heads (30+)  are coming out of the spillway if you know how to fish the rushing water.  A heavy jig head with a swim bait body works well.   Have seen some nice flatheads this week that were caught on trot lines using goldfish  and blue gill.                

WHITE BASS  Good:  The crappie fisherman fishing under the bridges are catching some while crappie fishing. With the water back on key in on the main lake points with small crankbaits or pepper spoons.  The spoons work best when they are off the points in 15' to 20' of water.  There are lots of shad out there right now so watch for the fish on the surface in the mornings and evenings.

Walleye:   With the water running the walleye are on the main lake flats and points and in 10' of water or less.   A leech or crawler fished on a jig head around the points or you can throw small crankbaits #5 shad raps or 1/4 oz rattle traps.   The bright colors like fire tiger, or chartreuse and orange colors work well.  They will hit on shallow crankbaits (bandit 100's or KVD 1.5's also.   



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