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Big Walleye 002.jpg (126235 bytes)

9 lbs 10.5oz
Caught on May 26th

walleye 002.JPG (59111 bytes)

Steve Stroud and David Shaw with two limits of walleye June 3,2013

Photo031.jpg (215313 bytes)

Bob Kitterman with a couple of 14 1/2 inch crappie caught on Lake Fork Tx. GUIDE: Gary Burton 10-23-14


Smithville Lake Fishing Report 
May 24, 2015


HOURS:  Mon. to Sat. 6:30 am to 7:30 pm
Sunday 6:30 to 6:30  

If you have a HUMMINGBIRD or LOWRANCE graph I have an SD card with 101 way points of brush piles at Smithville Lake that I will let you down load into your graph.  Have  down loaded another 35 piles from the crows creek area last years stuff.  

We loaded the second W-hwy bridge and surrounding areas with brush Thursday April 23.  GPS  coordinates to come soon.  80 trees or so!

 Lake Level: 868.4 ( Normal 864.2) Outflow 8 cfs  5 ft high and slowly rising.  The main lake is stained but very fishable.  You don't have to go very far past a bridge to find muddy water. 

Since Smithville Lake is now infested with zebra mussels please follow the procedures for decontaminating your boat before taking it to another lake.  The web site below will give you the recommended procedure. 

http://mdc.mo.gov/landwater-care/invasive-species/invasive-animal-management/zebra-mussel-control   I

Water temp:  72 degrees and muddy except on the main lake  

CrappieFair:  Main lake brush piles, bridges or marinas are your best bets for the crappie right now.   The river and the backs of the coves are muddy and not fisherman friendly.     Most of the crappie have spawned already.   The fish that were spawning are still where they were before the rain.    Jigs and minnows are working equally well.   The electric chicken (pink and chartreuse) or purple and chartreuse (my favorite).  

Fished yesterday 4-1 and went 3 hours without a bite.  Ended up with 28 keepers in about an hour and a half.   Found the fish under large balls of shad in 30 + feet of water.  Fished about 12 feet down with a electric chicken.  Had to chase the shad and follow them.
Fished 4-7 Took old student Clint Baker and father-in-law fishing.   Had 25 nice crappie and 10 nice white bass up river.

Fished 4-27   Caught 21 fish on the main lake in the wind.   Most of the fish came on jigs but the biggest fish 14" came on a minnow in Rock Creek.  

Fished 4-29   Caught two limits easily around the W-hwy bridge.   Lots of nice fish caught in 8-10 feet of water off of the rip rap.  Didn't really fish under the bridge just around it.  

Fished 4-30   Fished around the second W-hwy bridge at the mouth of Owl and Eberts creek.  We did the brush pile project on 4-23 and people were already yanking fish out of the new brush.  There is new brush around every bridge piler and also around the rip rap.   Jigs or minnows

5-1  Fished the main lake and up in the three fingers area.  Few fish up North got our limit around the W- Hwy bridge again.  We were catching fish every cast in a brush pile and then they stopped biting.  A couple of minutes later I could see the crappie on the banks around the bridge spawning.  We caught limits again, all on jigs. 

5-3  Natalie and I went out Sunday evening for a couple of hours.   Natalie had 8 and I had 5.   Fished up in the Mecca area of the lake because of the wind.   A fish here and a fish there.  Natalie had one over 13" but they weren't just everywhere.  Going out tomorrow and won't be up the river probably.  

5-4  Had Brandon and his dad out and caught limits of fish.   Didn't use any minnow as the fish were hitting the jigs good.  Same color I always use (purp. / chart ) on a 1/16 oz road runner head.   We were in sight of Camp branch marina and camp grounds  the entire time.  Most of the fish came out of 8' to 12' of water around brush piles.  Always near spawning areas. 

5-5  Took Steve and Pete out and had to work a bit to catch our limit.   Didn't catch the size we did on Mon.   We did keep some 9" to 9 1/2" fish late to limit out.  Jigs again.   Main lake again.

5-6  John, Steve and Vincent had the next to the worst weather day with 20+ wind.   Moved into some of the main lake pockets to try and catch fish out of the wind.  Not really the most productive areas but we did scratch out 29 keepers.   Would have been a good time to go to the river but we would have caught less fish.  Jigs and minnows today.   

5-7  Started out good but the rain was coming.  Got in a couple of hours and caught some fish before the rain hit.   Headed to Camp Branch marina to get under cover and wait out the storm.  Rained and blew really hard for about an hour.   We did catch a few fish in the boat slip we were in and ended up with 19 fish.  

5-8 Jerry, Rick and Herb showed up early Friday morning ready to go.  I was a bit late still trying to dry out from fishing in the rain Thurs. evening.   What a beautiful day light wind and sunny.   Had three limits of crappie, one keeper walleye, and a few white bass.  Best day of fishing yet.

Sat and Sun.  I worked at the store and did not go out.  Had some reports that the river fish were starting to bite.  Will be heading up there Mon. to check things out.  

5-11 Fished the river for the first time and caught some nice fish.   It was cold that morning and the fish were tight to cover.  Very shallow and next to a lay down log.  Most were big male crappie with only a few females.   Fished in the three fingers area.

5-12  Started out on the main lake in Woodhenge cove.   Some spawners up on the flats but the water had cooled so the action was slow.  Headed up the river to the coves on the south side of Mecca.   Put the talon down in 4' of water and cast slip bobbers with minnows into 3' or less of water and killed them.  I stood in the bottom of the boat and took fish off and put minnows on as fast as I could for a couple of hours.  Jean, Dick and Ray just wore me out.  Kept 39 fish some of which are going to feed some crappie deprived people in Phoenix Az.

5-13  Debbie and Carla did a Mothers day gift (from their husbands) and went crappie fishing.   I headed straight to the area where I had caught the fish yesterday and expected to kill them.  Wrong, it was much slower and the bigger fish just were not there.  Tried the area I caught them in Monday and nothing.   Went back and it was even slower.  I moved us out onto a point way off the bank into 5' 7' of water with deeper water all around.   Now we started catching some nice fish.   Had 26 keepers with Debbie catching a nice 13+ on the last cast of the day.   

5-16  Fished in the afternoon and found fishing tough until we stumbled onto the right place at the right time.  Caught big females that had eggs dripping out of them.  Really nice fish but luck is hard to beat.  

Bass:   Fair to Great:    The bass guys love this high water for the bass.  The bass move up into the flooded areas and hide in the willows and other assorted brush.   Flipping a sweet beaver, brush hog or jig into the willows can get you some really big fish.   Thursday evening we had a 7 lb big bass and a 6.96 lb second big.   Square bills in front of the grass or even buzz baits and poppers at the right time.   

Catfish: AWSOME:   With all of this rain the catfish are moving into the backs of the larger coves where the water is running in.   The more current the better.   The channels are gorging themselves on night crawlers or cut bait fished in the back of the creeks is producing lots of channel cats right now.  The rain last night will move the fish into the backs of the creeks to feed again.    As long as the water is moving the fish should be biting.  They are getting a few flatheads mixed in but not many.              

WHITE BASS  Good:  The crappie fisherman fishing under the bridges are catching some while crappie fishing which means they are coming back down from the river to the main lake.   The dam is still  putting out a few fish also but fewer people are fishing on the dam  right now.   

Walleye:   The walleye had started moving up on the main lake flats and feeding up.  Then the water came up 5 feet and they scattered.   Walleye love night crawlers so are roaming the flooded banks feeding up on crawlers.   They will hit on shallow crankbaits (rattle traps, bandit 100's or KVD 1.5's)       

Brush Piles

1 N 39 26.895' - W 094 32.073' NE cove W-bridge
2 N 39 26.779' - W 094 31.985' eh 
3 N 39 26.484' - W 094 31.969' Bluff on east side 2x6 on bank
4 N 39 25.914' - W 094 31.787' Sail boat cove
5 N 39 25.908' - W 094 31.696' Sail boat cove
6 N 39 25.579' - W 094 31.579' East side S of sail boat
7 N 39 24.994' - W 094 32.515' Little Platte Cove
8 N 39 24.402' - W 094 32.796' Woodhenge
9 N 39 24.303' - W 094 33.298' Little Platte swimbeach point
10 N 39 23.576' - W 094 32.993' Litton Center point
11 N 39 23.763' - W 094 32.272' Campers cove shelter house
12 N 39 24.148' - W 094 32.059' I-70 point
13 N 39 24.145' - W 094 32.037' I-70 point
14 N 39 23.905' - W 094 31.089' East side of crows creek boat ramp cut (christ.trees)
15 N 39 23.882' - W 094 30.985' bluff east of crows boat ramp  (christ. Trees)
16 N 39 24.310' - W 094 30.660' Northeast side of campbranch bridge  (christ. Trees)
17 N 39 24.392' - W 094 30.784' Northwest side of Campbranch bridge  (christ. Trees)
18 N 39 24.386' - W 094 30.906' Campbranch cove  (christ. Trees)
19 N 39 24.396' - W 094 30.888' inside no wake along road campbranch
20 N 39 24.305' - W 094 30.229' rocky cove N of campbranch bridge on right
21 N 39 24.271' - W 094 30.210' close to pile #20 further in cove
22 N 39 23.897' - W 094 31.110' small cut next to crows creek boat ramp
23 N 39 23.943' - W 094 31.515' Old Ford pond dam next cove west of C.C. boat ramp
24 N 39 26.754' - W 094 31.959' cove on SE side of W-bridge
25 N 39 27.125' - W 094 32.319' West bank on North of W boat ramp
26 N 39 26.866' - W 094 32.254' North West corner of W-bridge
27 N 39 26.729' - W 094 32.381' West bank on South side of W bridge
28 N 39 26.757' - W 094 31.970' cove on SE side of W-bridge
29 N 39 27.120' - W 094 32.348' West bank on North of W boat ramp
30 N 39 27.154' - W 094 32.315' West bank on North of W boat ramp
31 N 39 27.227' - W 094 32.297' West bank on North of W boat ramp
32 N 39 27.246' - W 094 32.343' West bank on North of W boat ramp
33 N 39 27.248' - W 094 32.311' West bank on North of W boat ramp
34 N 39 27.213' - W 094 32.318' West bank on North of W boat ramp
35 N 39 27.195' - W 094 32.314' West bank on North of W boat ramp
36 N 39 26.681' - W 094 32.362' outside turkey cove north west bank
37 N 39 26.571' - W 094 31.945' bluff on east side south of W-bridge
38 N 39 26.496' - W 094 31.967' bluff on east side south of W-bridge
39 N 39 26.333' - W 094 32.012' mouth of shady hollow
40 N 39 26.265' - W 094 31.944' shady hollow dam
41 N 39 26.259' - W 094 31.933' shady hollow dam
42 N 39 26.740' - W 094 32.377' West bank on South side of W bridge
43 N 39 26.489' - W 094 31.971' bluff on east side south of W-bridge by 2x6
44 N 39 26.568' - W 094 31.947' cut in east bluff south of W-bridge
45 N 39 26.717' - W 094 32.009' south of W bridge on east bluff
46 N 39 26.706' - W 094 31.985' south of W bridge on east bluff
47 N 39 27.314' - W 094 32.306' telephone pole
48 N 39 24.044' - W 094 33.243' dam area near outlett
49 N 39 24.245' - W 094 32.810' middle of main lake
50 N 39 23.599' - W 094 32.649' foundation point dam area
51 N 39 24.322' - W 094 33.303' Little Platte swimbeach point



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