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Big Walleye 002.jpg (126235 bytes)

9 lbs 10.5oz 
Caught on May 26th

walleye 002.JPG (59111 bytes)

Steve Stroud and David Shaw with two limits of walleye June 3,2013

Photo031.jpg (215313 bytes)

Bob Kitterman with a couple of 14 1/2 inch crappie caught on Lake Fork Tx. GUIDE: Gary Burton 10-23-14

Smithville Lake Fishing Report 
October 24, 2016

If you have a HUMMINGBIRD or LOWRANCE graph I have an SD card with 174 way points of brush piles at Smithville Lake that I will let you down load into your graph.

Lake Level: 864.7  6 inches high ( Normal pool  864.2 )    Outflow is at 8 cfs.  

Since Smithville Lake is now infested with zebra mussels please follow the procedures for decontaminating your boat before taking it to another lake.  The web site below will give you the recommended procedure. 

http://mdc.mo.gov/landwater-care/invasive-species/invasive-animal-management/zebra-mussel-control   I

Water temp:  71

Crappie: Good:   The crappie fishing is kind of sporadic right now.  I am fishing brush piles back in the coves in about 10' of water.   The minnow bite is much better than the jig bite.   We are fishing minnows on a tightline into the brush.   They won't come out of the brush most of the time to hit the minnow on a slip float.   You have to go in after them.  Most of the keepers we catch are above average size and we are not even catching lots of short fish.   If you want to catch lots of fish go to the bridges and fish.   Usually lots more fish but not as big.         

8-20 to 8-26:  Went out several times and caught limits of fish most of the time.   Stayed on the main lake every time and fished the 10' deep piles.   Don't seem to catch fish in the same pile day after day.  I have to move around from pile to pile to see where they are biting .   Minnows in the brush is your best  bet.

9-2  Went out with Gene and whacked some crappie and channel cats.  10' deep piles on the main lake.   A limit of crappie for  Gene and a couple of 4+ lb channels also caught on minnows and a slip bobber.  

9-26  Fished the main lake today and found the fish to be biting very light.   sometimes your minnow would be gone and you didn't even know you had gotten a bite.   8' to 12' of water in the shallower brush piles. Seem to catch a few big fish and then only little ones.  Time to move to the next spot.   The size of the keepers was above average.   Minnows are definitely better than jigs although I did catch several on my purple and chart.  1/16 oz  road runner head.

10-3  Fish the main lake on the same piles that I have been fishing for the past few weeks.   Same results 17 keepers and 13 were between 10" and 12'" long.   Although the size is good we probably didn't catch 15 short fish.   You need minnows and we had to get right on top of the fish and lower a minnow into the brush to get a bite.   The slip bobber did not work well as the fish would not come out of the piles to eat, you had to go in after them.   Only 2 or 3 big ones per spot so had to move around a lot.

10-10   Had a guide and targeted the crappie and white bass.   Started on the main lake for the whites and caught 14 nice big keepers on a point near crows creek.   Moved to some brush piles  on the main lake and caught 11 really nice crappie.  10+ inch type.  Had to be minnows because they would not eat the jig.

10-11   Went out and tried for crappie first but it was very slow and the wind was starting to blow.   20+ so we moved to the main lake points put the Talon down and caught the whites like crazy.   Kept only the bigger fish and caught two limits easily in a couple of hours.

Bass: Poor:  The bass are hiding for most people.   Back  in the coves with spinnerbaits, square bills or a brush hog are the best ways to find active fish.       

CATFISH: Good:   Catching some nice channels on minnows while crappie fishing in 10 ft. of water in the coves and cuts.   The dip baits are still working as is the cut baits like shad and skip jack.    Fish on the flats and back in the coves.

WHITE BASS  Good     The main lake points where the wind in blowing in are holding lots of white bass.    A  pepper spoon works great on the schooling fish that are busting the shad but if you are just random casting on a point us a 1/4 oz  rattle trap or a small square bill (KVD 1.0) crankbait.   Rooster tails and road  runners will also catch fish.

Walleyefair:  No reports



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